The EMA No. 12 of 2011 as read together with the EIA Regulations No.28 of 1997 make it mandatory for the active engagement of the potential Interested and Affected Persons (IAPs), stakeholders, and the general public, in the environmental process assessment and decision making. This is done to afford all an opportunity to register their concerns concerning a proposed or ongoing project so as to facilitate inclusive and equitable Decisions from the Agency. This active engagement is done through formal and informal invitation and holding of public consultative meetings. SEUS Consult manages such engagements either as part of the Project Scoping for potential impacts or as facilitators for Public Hearings on behalf of ZEMA, for proposed projects that have undertaken the ESIA, reported to ZEMA and earmarked for consideration for final Decision. These meetings are held throughout the country in local communities or stakeholder venues and in varying circumstances and situations, after which the related reporting is made