More than one billion people around the world do not have access to clean water and twice as many have no sanitation. SEUS Consult has invested in capacity to develop and implement appropriate, affordable, and innovative water supply, sanitation and waste management systems, which recognize the role of local and national government and community management in the services provision. We promote and provide technical expertise in sanitation solutions and small scale community water systems for peri urban and rural areas. SEUS Consult is one of the leading waste and resources management consultancies providing a one-stop shop services. The need to meet statutory targets for waste reduction, recycling and recovery further strengthens the case for closing the loop on resource use. Closing the loop for a particular product life cycle creates opportunities for municipal authorities, SME’s, CBEs and the society in general as it provides an avenue for the efficient use of raw materials and energy to recycling and secondary markets for recovered resources. We have specializations and experience in the following: • Developing of Municipal Integrated Solid Waste Management (SWM) solutions and Strategic plans. • Cost effective Waste collection system designs and fleet management. • Waste Assessment: Characterization, composition analysis and forecasting • Application of waste recovery technologies that utilize any residual value in waste • Development of Payment systems for waste collection and Performance Indicators for the CBEs involved in waste collection • Capacity building and Strategic planning services to Municipal authorities and Community Based Enterprises (CBE’s) in SWM